Ducted Air conditioning is a great way to cool your home in summer and heat your home in winter. With the use of a zone control system the conditioned air can be directed to preferred

rooms with in the home to manage the temperature as required. Upgraded controls systems will see each zone fitted with a sensor to control the temperature in that specific room. This helps to save energy by limiting the cooling or heating to a zone once temperature is reached. These control systems can be operated via Wi-Fi so you can control your air conditioning where ever you are.

Ducted air conditioning is ideal for undefined spaces or cooling multiples areas/ rooms at the same time. This could be multiple bedrooms or open plan living areas where a conventional split system cannot move air through the entire space.

Design is the most important step in the process of installing a ducted split system. Appropriate calculation of building heat load combined with product selection will determine the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system.
Too Breezy Pty Ltd are experts in ducted system design, service and installation. Our goal is to provide you a completely unique design/ configuration suitable for your home and your budget.

We only install the highest quality systems with the best control system to suit your needs, giving you peace of mind. Whether this be individual control to each room with Wi-Fi capability or simple on/off style, we can provide you with all options to make an informed decision.


Considerations for choosing a ducted air conditioning system:

– Ducted air conditioning is a great way to cool multiple areas or rooms at once
– Ducted air conditioning uses both inverter technology and reverse cycle technology
– Ducted air conditioning is a less obtrusive option when considering slimline outlets as opposed to a wall mounted indoor unit
– Ducted air conditioning can be quieter than conventional split systems as noisy components are insulated in the ceiling or located outside the home
– Ducted air conditioning can be more energy efficient when cooling multiple rooms at once as only one outdoor unit is running not several.
– Ducted air conditioning can only be installed in properties with ceiling space i.e. single story properties or the upstairs of a two story home. (Unless installation work is conducted during a renovation). Also, ceiling cavity must be sufficient in size to house the equipment and allow for installation (flat roof properties are typically not suitable due to restricted size of cavity)
– Too Breezy offer the highest quality ducted systems with a process that includes a full assessment and design tailored for your home with a written quotation.