Service and Maintenance


Air conditioning maintenance is recommended by all manufacturers to preserve the life of the equipment and identify problems before they lead to damage.
The service intervals of any A/C equipment depends on the how often its used.
We can conduct maintenance on all types of domestic and commercial air conditioning equipment.

Our standard service includes:

– Testing operation of all modes
– Cleaning of all return air filters
– Chemically treating evaporator coil with non rinsing antibacterial solution (included on high wall splits only)
– Inspecting drains for leaks and safety tray drainage
– Checking for vermin and other pests
– Testing refrigerant charges and inspection for refrigerant leaks
– Testing and observation of air conditioner units for noise and vibration
– Checking of thermostats/ controls
– Checking all electrical/ electronic equipment operation, contactors, terminals and switches
– Testing of compressors, motors and fans
– Inspection of duct work and original installation.

A Standard Service starts at $110
Additional units on site work on a sliding scale starting at  $95 each
Ducted Service $165
** Pricing may change where access is restricted or outdoor units are inaccessible

**Pricing is exclusive of GST

For units that may be a little run down or used in dirty environments a Strip and Clean is recommended. A Strip and Clean involves removing the indoor unit fascia and doing an extensive coil clean and drain flush. This removes odours, mould and other contaminants while sanitising the unit. This service also helps restore lost efficiency and reduce load on the motors.
Strip and Cleans start from $165.


Strip and Clean